If you have been following basketball this year it is no secret that the most anticipated matchup was suppose to be between the Clippers and Lakers. For about a year fans and sports analyst have been debating whether Lebron is still king of the NBA. Just to recap the most anticipated matchup in basketball began when Kawhi left the Toronto Raptors after winning a championship. Just before the 2019 season began Kawhi was seen in public with Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Most likely the three were in talks to join forces and looked to be enjoying each other company. Kawhi quickly looked to have change his mind when he joined the Los Angeles Clippers. Along with this, Kawhi Leonard managed to pull a wild card when he recruited Paul George from OKC to the Clippers. Paul George is arguably top 10 if not top 15 player in the NBA. Personally this was a disrespectful move and a below the belt shot Kawhi delivered to Lebron James. To top it all off Kawhi had a Reebok commercial showing a small crown dangling from a keychain. It also said a new king has arriving to Los Angeles. Which was another subliminal shot since Lebron James played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fans and sports analysis ate up this hype and went swinging for the fences and rightfully so. The Los Aneles Clippers were already a good team prior to Kawhi Leonard arrival. So adding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George was a massive deal in Basketball. These two additions easily moved the Clippers into the top three teams in the West.  Fast forward to the end of the NBA season. The Lakers took care of business when they eliminated the Blazers and Rockets in five games.

Next up in line was for the Los Angeles Clippers to eliminate two teams. One being the Dallas Mavericks and then the Nuggets right after. The Clippers eliminated the Nuggets in about six games. Then faced the Denver Nuggets which the Clippers should have ended in five to 6 games top. To start the series the Clippers got up a 3-1 victory against the Nuggets. Leaving the Los Angeles Clippers only needing one more win against the Nuggets to then proceed to facing the Lakers. Giving sports analyst  and fans all over the World the greatest matchup in basketball in at least three years. But the Los Angeles Clippers did not. Although the Clippers had ten times the talent the Nuggets had they still fell short. The Denver Nuggets ended up winning three games back to back closing out the series in a best of seven.

Many are now stuck as to what exactly happened. Was it the coach, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Lou Williams or a multitude of players on the Clippers team? The truth is that the Clippers collapse and losing the series to an underdog in the Denver Nuggets is everyone’s fault. The Clippers became far too comfortable in feeling they were the superior team which came from banking on raw talent. Once the Clippers raw talent failed they all began to panic. Paul George in game seven even shot a three pointer which grazed the backboard. How the Clippers went out in game seven was nothing short of embarrassing. The second if not best team in the NBA were outplayed and stunned by underdogs. The underdogs who worked ten times harder and did not simply rely on talent to win games. If the Clippers should learn anything from this upset. It is that talent without hard work isn’t enough to win basketball games. Equally, it is not enough to succeed in life we must all apply talent. Because without putting in the work along with talent. One will always find it is not the most talented that always does well in life but the one who works the hardest or smartest. Saying I have talent I will get it done is not working smart. It is called being a fool which is how all the Clippers player looked in game seven against the Denver Nuggets.

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