When news of Jada sleeping with another man apart from husband Will Smith first hit the media I wasnt too surprised. Like many people who keep up or check in on black entertainment we all knew the two had some form of an open relationship. What shocked me personally is how the situation went down and how both parties tried to justify the situation. Will and Jada claimed they were on a temporary split from their marriage back in 2014 – 2015.

Though this is theoretically possible. From a marital standpoint there isnt any breaks in marriage you’re either married or divorced. For Will and Jada to agree her sleeping with another man is forgivable because they weren’t together at the moment shows me they either dont know what a traditional marriage consist of or they’ve made up their own rules as to what marriage is. If that is the case a new name should be given to their form of commitment. No different than a woman in another country getting married to a tree or building. This should not be called marriage and quiet frankly is disrespectful to the marriage conveninent God has put in place thousands of years ago.

While watching Jada’s Red Table talk Will Smith just looked out of it. He looked like a helpless man in a dysfunctional relationship crying out for help. His eyes looked as if he spent the night before crying prior to the sitdown. Unfortunately, the Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince we have all growned to love is no longer that man. It was clear for the World to see that his wife Jada Smith runs the relationship. She used a particular word to hide and dismiss her shame and guilt of what transpired by calling the affair an “entanglement” which then set the internet on fire. People all over the World began to upload memes faster than the speed of light to point fun at the term used. I would not be shocked if Jada has even said to Will a few times if he doesn’t like how she moves then he should file for a divorce. But Will being a man who has already experienced divorce in the past with his first wife probally does not want to experience that again. This would be too daunting of a pill to swallow. Which could possibly make him worst of a father than his dad was. And which man walking the face of the Earth wants to be worst than their dad?. I believe guilt, shame and the idea of Will having another failed marriage keeps him with Jada. Some men out there might say “I would just leave I’m not going through that.” Which I would then have to agree. But Will isn’t just an ordinary man for multiple reasons. The first being he is a family man, second he’s eaily invested more time in his relationship than alot of men today and third for the obvious of reasons he has too much to lose financially. Regardless of these factors we can’t give Will Smith a pass. Him accepting the fact his wife Jada slept with another man and he did nothing about that makes him officially a coon. Now I know some women will say well Will Smith probally slept with other women as well. That might be the case but there isnt any hard facts on this being the case. Making the case of Will Smith stepping out an irrelevant conversation. But let’s entertain that thought for a second. If Will Smith did indeed step out on his wife he did not bring any public shame to the family, get any women he’s slept with pregnant nor did he bring back any STDS or disease. This is as far as the public knows because we can only make an inference based on what we know. If the reasons listed are correct this alone makes Will Smith stepping out on Jada not as bad as the mess Jada gotten the family into.

Finally for the last reason I’ll list as to why Jada is wrong and Will Smith is now a coon. It’s for the one apparent reason that seems to go over the head of both genders. And that reason is because every man has two homes he must protect at all time. His physical home and his second home that being his wife. A man is suppose to protect his woman mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Will Smith failed in protecting his wife physically when he accepted the fact she slept with another man. Who knows what disease or STD Jada could have brought back to the table when she stepped out. Or now since Will accepted the behavior if Jada would later on as the years progress sleep with another man again opening up the risk of contracting a disease again. Along with this, if Jada was younger in age who knows what baby she could have brought back to the home making her affairs ten times worst. If any man disagrees with the fact a man has two homes then that man isn’t much of a man worthy of respect. This is the ultimate reason above all that Will Smith is now officially crowned a coon.

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