Every once in a blue moon we come across a rare post or article that we find so outstanding we just had to share. These articles or post are usually in alignment with the goals at Mixed Education. Furthermore, they are used to help with the mission and focus of why Mixed Education was created. This blog was created to filter out all of noise in the World. While doing so we focus on self preservation and growth both mind, body and soul. These are the things that are not usually taught or discuss in a 9-5 job or a school setting. Without further due the post was made by a Facebook user by the name of “Delano TV.” At the bottom of this page you will find a Facebook link and or site to check out more content from this user.


Post: “A man can have sex with a lady and still don’t have any feelings for her, most men only need space to have sex but majority of women need reason to have sex. 90% of woman cannot have sex without feelings, A man can travel for eight hours just to have sex with a female and yet, not love her or even have any feelings for her. Sex makes men act as if they are in love while they are not!! What they feel is lust, what they feel is what they see which is curves and a huge behind, go through a lady’s silky skin thigh for a 5 minutes or less, ejaculate and forget. The eight hours travel sacrifice, gifts bought, hotel paid for and other expenses may seem to be coming from true love but they were all in the sacrifice for sex and nothing more. The foolish thing is this, the majority of women would jump up inside them and conclude that this is the art of true love.


So many woman are bought and blinded by materialistic things, yet miss the small little gestures that money cannot buy. Sex is not an act of commitment. So many Men and women still leave their partners on their beds and start thinking of the next woman or man to sleep with. The satisfaction that comes from sex dies in minutes. It is in the nature of Lions to go miles to hunt. The same with men. A man who can afford the expenses of flying from the UK to Nigeria for sex would do it as if he would never turn to another woman for sex.


Sex drives men to do what seems like the impossible and such turns women around and they start acting weird. Sex and love are not on the same page even in the dictionary. People can abandon their gold mines and dig the grave for sex. Most young men do terrible things just to have the resources to keep many girls in their life. You may think they are working hard to live well in the future but they are just living for fun and that is all. Students are now living together like husbands and wives, and our society calls it love. What kind of people do these students become when they leave school? This is why we have a lot of frustrated graduates than nation-building graduates. Today, a 16-year-old girl is already into sex. She wants to wear everything on trend. She is already a prostitute in the sense that any man that comes her way for relationship must show some signs of money and she would respond to him.


The funny thing is this, almost all those girls that have become sex symbols end up in a deep mess. How many of them today is changing the world they are into? What kind of spirit would they do well within life? They have sold their souls out to sex. They pride on what they wear and hotels they go to. That is their biggest achievement. The girls they called cowards are setting up economic empires. Their future is already exhausted when they come to their true senses? Advice to my beloved brothers and sisters: For men; never allow your erection today to destroy your future directions, stay positive. My sisters, all that glitters is not gold, make your future bright and it start today. I am not posting this to make anyone guilty or stand as a judge, but just stating nothing but the truth. God Bless

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